Welcome to Mongolia Bound!

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Welcome to Mongolia Bound! We are seven people who are bound together by a common mission: to help mend the bodies and spirits of children in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital city.

This journey would not be taking place were it not for the special bond that our son, brother, patient, and friend Jonathan Soud shared with Dr. Eric Sandler, his hematologist-oncologist.

Jonathan, a merry traveler who was constantly ‘visiting’ places he hadn’t been by using Google Street View or watching Globe Trekker, counted Mongolia his favorite place to visit in the future. He shared with Dr. Sandler that his very favorite episode of Globe Trekker focused on Mongolia; unexpectedly, Mongolia was also on the top of Dr. Sandler’s list for places to visit because he wanted to help children who had leukemia there but didn’t have access to the same sophisticated treatments.

Jonathan was known by all for his radiant smile and compassion for others. With the expertise of our medical team (Dr. Eric Sandler, John Ng, and Sally Hendricks) and the support of our volunteers (Justin, Steve, Paul, and Natalie) we hope to spread this love and joy at The Children’s Place of Mongolia and Mother & Child Hospital in Ulaanbaatar.

We will also be lucky enough to stay in a traditional ger (yurt) in the country as well as experience Mongolia’s national festival, Naadam.

Stay updated on our trip by signing up for email updates on the top right and following us on Twitter & Instagram @mongoliabound.

We can be contacted throughout our journey at mongoliaboundteam@gmail.com.

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