Reflecting on Jonathan: Dr. Ameneh Ebadi Remembers

Like nurse Lindsay Jamison Wolf, Dr. Ameneh Ebadi looks back on her time with Jonathan and remembers his strength:

It was August 2, 2010: the day I took over Jonathan’s care. A small, hand-written sign was posted on the door of his room, # 523.
         “Check with nurse before entering.”

Though I had only been a doctor for 33 days, I knew I didn’t need the nurse’s permission to see my own patient. But that sign caught me so off guard, I checked with her anyway; I clearly remember the confused look on her face.

That was the beginning of my journey with Jonathan and his family. I had no way of knowing how much they would impact my life. I took care of Jonathan for exactly 30 days, but the mark he left on my heart will extend across my lifetime. Every day I walked into that room I was always greeted by his shy smile. The toll Leukemia had taken on him was clear to see everywhere on his body, expect in that beautiful smile.

My fondest memory of Jonathan occurred the last day I worked on his medical team; it was the first time I ever saw him out of bed. All month he had been working with a physical therapist to regain the strength to sit upright. That day he pushed himself to get into a wheel chair, and then his father wheeled him into the main hallway. Then they asked a staff member to page me to come up, so they could surprise me. When I saw him my eyes filled with tears, and I ran over to hug him. Later his father told me that Jonathan found the strength to do it that day because he knew how happy and proud it would make me; —he wanted to give me that gift on my last day. That was Jonathan, always doing whatever he could to bring happiness to others.

There is no way to sufficiently explain in words the effect he has had on my life. What I can say is that at a time in my life when I was questioning if the career I had chosen was right for me, meeting and caring for Jonathan was a God-given sign I was doing exactly what I was meant to be doing.

We carry Ameneh and Lindsay’s thoughts with us on our journey, and cannot thank them enough for their roles in Jonathan’s life.

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