Reflecting on Jonathan: Nurse Lindsay Jamison Wolf Remembers

A few others who were instrumental in Jonathan’s care during his illness have shared their thoughts and memories of Jonathan and his spirit.

The first comes from nurse Lindsay Jamison Wolf:

Nearly two years ago I was introduced to one of the strongest and most enduring young men I have ever met.  His name is Jonathan Soud.  Prior to meeting Jonathan for the first time, the only information I had was his name and a few other important details regarding his medical history.  Little did I know that within this young, vibrant boy lay a heart of gold and a tenacious fight to live each day.  

Jonathan was not like any other patient I had ever cared for.  And perhaps this was because he was surrounded by one of the toughest families I have had the privilege of knowing.   Jonathan’’s strength, however, came from within and this was apparent every single time something was asked of him.  His inner strength was magnified by the family of cheerleaders he had by his side every single minute of every single day.  As I cared for Jonathan and his family over the next few months this inner strength that had been so apparent on the first day I met him became even more clear as the days went on.  

As I often look back on the times spent with Jonathan in that small hospital room, there is one thing that continues to ring true of his legacy.  His smile.  No matter what was happening or what was being done, Jonathan smiled.  He smiled through pain, he smiled through tears and he smiled through fear.  This was how he showed the world that when he looked in the face of childhood cancer, he was smiling, because he knew no matter what, he would win.  And win he did. 

Jonathan has left a legacy in his short years here on Earth that each of us should strive for in our own lives.  He was young and he might have looked weak on the outside, but he was mighty and steadfast.  There is not a blog long enough or enough time in the day to begin to thank Jonathan for what he has given to me.  Jonathan’’s spirit lives on in the hearts of those who were given the gift of knowing him.  For this, I am personally eternally grateful.   Because of Jonathan, when I look in the face of adversity, I can smile, knowing I am stronger than I think I am. 

We hope nothing more than that the children at the orphanage and in the pediatrics ward will get even a small glimpse of this mighty spirit that Lindsay writes about.

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  1. Sabina O'laughlin

     /  June 29, 2012

    Jonathan changed the way I practice pathology and the way I look at histology slides . He is there with me every time I see a new leukemia slide . I am glad you are all taking this trip
    ! Go Jonathan ! Go all brave souls who have to deal with leukemia!


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