Fourth of July in Mongolia!

Man, Justin knew how to keep those kids happy at soccer camp! On the first day, the Silly Bands were a HUGE hit (as they were in the US). On the Fourth of July, he had the very clever idea of bringing mini-American flags as the special treat. I was in the middle of handing out cookies during the second snacktime (which usually makes me the most popular person on the field temporarily). As soon as Mr. Justin (as the kids call him) called out “Who wants an American flag?” as he waved one, the kids left me and the cookies in the dust!

We got some great shots of the kids waving around their flags and playing with them:

There is so much more I have to say, and I know the rest of the team does as well. I can’t wait to share our afternoon spent during playtime at the Children’s Place, as well as my day at the hospital with Eric and Sally.

We are headed to the countryside to explore, do some horseback riding, and stay in gers, but will have plenty to say when we return!

-Natalie & the Mongolia Bound team

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  1. The posts are so interesting. Love the pics too. You are opening my mind and heart.
    I keep the team in my prayers.


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