John Experiences Soccer Camp for the First Time

Some of them may never had a parent; some of them may have to work long hours selling wood on the street; some of them don’t even have a tee-shirt or jacket that fits; some of them have disability; some of them teased by their classmates as the “abandoned kids whom no one loves”…

Nothing of this harsh life seemed to be able to hide the true joy of a child playing football.

After four days of my work in the hospital, I joined the Football Camp for the orphans and street kids today. Immediately after jumping off the sardined van, the kids ran directly to the football field. Kids are kids. Once they were on the football field, their joy emerged on their faces.

When they were kicking the ball (or some little ones waiting to get on the “human spin”), I only saw on their faces – happiness, sportsmanship, determination, strength, and lots of fun!

The human spinning machine

These characters were easily identified. However, I saw their deeper characters of care and love only after spending some time with the kids. There was a fun little boy with fairer skin who was in oversized jacket and always wanted to wander beyond the football field. Every time he tried to leave, some older girl would pick him up and bring him back to the field. One time he was really upset and decided to just sit and cry. His brother immediately left the football game that he was enjoying, pulled the boy aside, sat down with him, and spent a good amount of time missing his own game comforting the little brother.

During snack time, another kid fell down and started crying. The boy next to him immediately came and put a couple of his m&m’s in the crying boy’s hand.

Sharing M&Ms

Without saying anything, he had shared the best thing that he had with this little crying kid. Getting used to seeing kids fighting over toys or the need to ask, beg, and command fifty times to make kids share their candies, seeing these silent but spontaneous acts of love in their little people’s scale certainly was humbling and refreshing.

I then had an opportunity to tour the orphanage. It was a very neat place and it didn’t feel sad at all! They kids were so happy that we came and spend time with them. Some of them showing us the lunch that they had; some of them brought us to his bedroom and showed us where they sleep; Another girl showed us the stuffed rabbit that she deeply loves. We then went to their classroom and they were having so much fun making crafts from the materials that we brought from our church’s VBS. A little girl showed me the craft she made (pilot’s goggles) on which she spelled out “I LOVE YOU”.

It was certainly a very difficult moment to say goodbye to these kids. However, the moment when we were wished farewell by all those “Jesus loves you” and “God bless you”, I know that they have found a loving home in His house.

I have a Father, He formed my heart.
Before even time began, my life was in His hand.
He knows my name. He knows my every thought.
He sees each tear that falls, and hears me when I call.

“He knows My Name” Paul Baloche

-John Ng

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