Second Annual Trip to Mongolia: Dr. Eric Sandler Shares

Mongolia-Bound-Second-Trip-Eric-Sandler-Jonathan-SoudJust 2 weeks away from our second annual trip to Mongolia. We are all getting very excited. This year, instead of just a Hem/Onc team, our group includes Dr. Michael Gayle, a pediatric intensivist, Dr. Harry Abram, a pediatric neurologist and Adam Drake, a nurse at WCH.  Jonathan continues to work his magic as all of the health care team traveling to Mongolia has a direct connection to Jonathan and his inspiration to create a better world. I am also excited that my daughter Jenna will travel with us. Jenna is in the public health field and is anxious to learn more about public health programs and policies in Mongolia. Also different this year is a much more formal structure for our visit. Each afternoon we will be conducting a symposium for the medical students, residents, faculty and staff of the National Center for Maternal and Child Health of Mongolia. I understand that some of the physicians from the countryside will also be joining us for this symposium.

With the more formal structure, we have each been given temporary medical licenses in Mongolia and our presentations are being translated into Mongolian as well. Of course Wolfson Children’s Hospital has been instrumental in helping us in this endeavor- especially with fundraising and donating supplies. In fact, I’m not sure how I’m going to get them all there! I am especially excited to renew the friendships we formed on our last trip to Mongolia- Rita, Margie and their wonderful children. I am sure that we will also spend some time at the orphanage getting reacquainted with our friends there.

Of course, no trip to the other side of the world would be complete without a trip to the countryside with our awesome tour guide Dogii. This year we will follow in the footsteps of Genghis Khan, exploring eastern Mongolia which was his homeland. I know Dr. Abram and Dr. Gayle are very excited to sample Airag (fermented mares milk), cheese curds and an unlimited supply of mutton. Dr. Gayle is particularly excited for his Ger camping experience and Dr. Abram for riding horses through the steppes on a wooden saddle!

I will sorely miss my previous travel companions- Justin, Paul, Natalie, Steve, John and Sally- but I know each of them has their own special connection with Mongolia and will likely be back some day as well.

Talk to you again from Ulaanbaatar!

-Eric Sandler

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  1. Terry Humphrey

     /  August 17, 2013

    🙏Prayers for safe travels and the continued mission of Christ


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