John’s Return to Ulaanbaataar

I am John, once again the pharmacist of our medical mission team! Never had I ever imagined that I would have the opportunity to go back to Mongolia and now I am less than two weeks away from returning to the Country of Blue Skies!

It is the first time I return to a mission field and I have been very excited to have heard from the Second Team that many of our original recommendations were considered and taken by the Mothers and Children’s Hospital. Our Supportive Care Guidelines, recommended formulary drugs for common cancers, use of flow cytometry to guide leukemia treatments, etc, etc. were all being physically used in taking care of actual children in Mongolia!

I am also very excited to visit my Mongolian friends too, inside and outside of the hospital. I certainly miss their friendly faces, hospitality, care-free and always-happy attitudes in the vast Mongolian Steppes. My family has also been “getting into the mood” too! With Candace’s help: bedtime stories about Genghis Khan, chit-chats about nomadic lives, Mongolian wrestling in the living room, children with cancer in other countries, praying for Daddy’s trip, etc. etc. Along with our Youth Group in church, TsiLam and JunJun were inspired by the fact that all these… were started with one child’s dream.

I am getting ready to have another adventure with Jonathan. Although I miss all my comrades from the first trip, I am looking forward to have a great inspiring experience with Alex, Dr Gauger, and Steve. Last time I was inspired by the same passion of healing in a totally different country and culture. I was blessed with deep love shared between a father and a son. I was touched by the passion of two missionary families who devoted their lives taking care of orphans in a foreign land. This time I am ready for anything the Lord has for me under the Blue Skies.

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