Top 20 Quotes of Mongolia Bound 2014

As we make our way home and reflect on our experiences over the past two weeks, we thought we would share with our Mongolia Bound readers a humorous glimpse of our travels and experiences. Each of the quotes listed below reflects either our individual personalities or aspects of our experiences.
20.  “Made you look!”  (Margie’s and Rita’s kids playing a favorite game by trying to get us to look at “spots” on our shirts, etc.)
19.  “Where’s the lecture hall?”  (Response: “Through the Tunnel of Death.”  See photo.)

The Tunnel of Death leading from the children’s hospital to a separate building housing lecture hall, laboratory, etc.

18.  “Do you know where this word comes from?”  (Steve putting on his professorial role.)

17.  “Where’s John?” (Response: “He’s either taking a hot shower or shooting a photo.”)
16.  “Do you want red, white, champagne, or white and then red?”  (Steve asking the group about what type of wine they want for dinner, invariably followed by someone asking . . .)


15.  “How would you describe the body of this wine?”  (Steve’s response: “I’m not going to waste my time. This is crap wine.”)
14.  “What type of meat is this?”  (John asking about the salad at dinner at Khuduu Aral. The answer: beef tongue.  Alex and Cindy promptly stopped eating.)
13.  “It’s not as bad as Fly Camp.”  (All of us at different points comparing things to our first camp at Khuukh Nuur, which was swarmed with flies in biblical proportions.)

Steve vs. flies at “Fly Camp”


Sunrise over Blue Lake (Khuukh Nuur) at Heart-Shaped Mountain. This made up for all the flies.

12.  “There are no rules.”  (Steve describing traffic in Ulaanbaatar.)

There are NO rules.

11. “Chuuka! Chuuka! Chuuka!”  (Our cheer after our amazing driver, Chuuka, had successfully forded a stream or achieved a 45 degree angle in the famous Russian van.)
10.  “Actually, it’s no good to drink.” (Doogii telling us not to drink the spring water–one day after we all drank it. See photo to see how the water changed color overnight.)

Before: John takes a swig of water fresh from Auger Spring.

photo (1) (1)

After: Steve holds the bottle of spring water the next day. What were we thinking?

9.  “‘Camel’ is the marrow side of the bone.”  (Cindy, the hemonc, immediately able to discern the “camel” side of a sheep’s ankle bone. For centuries Mongols have used these ankle bones–with each side representing a different animal–to play a variety of games along the lines of checkers or jacks.)


8.  “Do you know that every day you produce 10% of your platelets?  Taking a daily aspirin irreversibly inhibits the function of the platelet.”  (Cindy to Steve when she learned that he takes an 81mg tablet of aspirin each day. )
7.  “Go with the flow.”  (What everyone who travels in Mongolia ultimately learns: you either become fluid or don’t make it.)
6.  “Where did all this water come from?  Is the raft supposed to fill up with water?”  (Cindy as she boarded our raft and noticed it filling with water. It turned out that the inflatable raft was designed to take on 3-4 inches of water.)
5.  “Doogii, do you know how to swim?”  (Steve asking a pivotal question of Doogii as we reach the middle of the Kherlen River on our raft and she informs us that this is her first time rafting.)
4.  “If you think that I have any control of this horse, it’s an illusion.”  (John on horseback.)
3.  “I enjoy looking at slides.”  (Cindy’s geek/researcher’s side coming out.)
2.  “It’s a beautiful stain.”  (See above. She’s referring to the stain labs make to be able to read slides.)
1. “Actually, it’s okay.”  (Doogii on innumerable occasions, but most memorably as she’s telling us that we are rafting without a guide and she has never rafted before and can’t swim. This became the saying of the trip, and it pretty much always turned out to be true.)

Chuuka preparing to drive through deep water.

photo (2) (1)

Perhaps the only lawnmower in Mongolia.

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  1. Terry Humphrey

     /  July 27, 2014

    ❤️ Love it! Safe travels ✈️
    Blessing abundantly to the team🙏


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