End of Trip Reflections from Eric

Well our week at NCMCH has come to an end and today the team said good-bye to old friends and new friends as well. Overall, it was probably the best interaction we have had in our 4 visits to the center. Everyone we met at the hospital seemed hungry for information and consultations and all of the lectures given by the team were incredibly well received. Drs. Sheth, and Evans, Nurse Sarah and Child Life Therapist Lindsey were absolutely amazing. On the last night Dr. Enkhtur, the Hospital director invited us to dinner at the ShangriLa with the leaders of foreign affairs department and each of the departments we participated in. Although Dr. Enkhtur was in the end unable to come, it was a wonderful way to wrap up the week and all were interested in when our next visit would be. There was a long discussion about which subspecialists they would like us to bring including Pediatric surgery, Palliative care, pathology and immunology among others.

As far as hem/onc is concerned, the new center is spectacular and the commitment and hard work of the team is quite evident. However they have a number of challenges coming up including the transfer of all the solid tumor patients from the National Cancer Center to the Children’s Hospital. In the end this is the right thing for all concerned, but at this time, the oncologists at the NCMCH have no experience taking care of children with solid tumors, nor does the pathologist. In addition, radiation therapy, so important in treating solid tumors is also a problem. They also are in the planning for a palliative care program and even a stem cell transplant program. We spent a great deal of time talking about treatment protocols, diagnostic tools, formularies and staff needs. On my return home, I plan to work with my colleagues in Mongolia to develop diagnosis specific treatment plans and encouraged them to send us any questions we might be able to help with including diagnostic path slides for interpretation. I believe we will continue to have ongoing communication and that this relationship inspired by Jonathan Soud will only get stronger!

Thank you so much to all of our supporters- especially the Soud family and Wolfson Children’s Hospital!

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  1. Karen Wolfson

     /  September 28, 2015

    Thank you and the Soud family, in honor of Jonathan, for this tremendous work so far from home. We’re very honored that children and their families are being helped in such a significant way. Your leadership, which is underscored with knowledge, experience, humor, caring and kindness, is making great things happen.

    So glad you’re home, too,


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