Top 10 from the Gobi

While the entire trip has been amazing, Lindsay and I thought it would be fun to share a Top 10 from our week in the Gobi! Hope you enjoy!

  1. Doggii is perfect – Doggii is our tour guide and she is THE BEST! If you ever find yourself itching to go to Mongolia, please contact Doggii. She can do all things and is basically the MacGyver/Bond Girl of the Gobi.
  2. Dr. Evans has a great “Woo Woo” when he is really excited. You should ask him about it anytime and every time you see him.
  3. Believe it or not, Dr. Sheth slowly overcame some of his neurotic tendencies. In fact, he fell in love with camel riding and horseback riding. Even though he didn’t speak for the first 10 minutes on the camel, we assumed he was having a great time.
  4. Don’t try and keep up with the drivers or Doggii while hiking. They can hike the highest cliff with the sharpest rocks in dress shoes and make it look easy, while the rest of the group is trying not to fall off the cliff.
  5. Ger camps are amazing and not as awful as the previous group claimed. Despite what they said, we did not experience any aggressive spiders or battle an army of flies.
  6. Always bring Dramamine. LOTS OF DRAMAMINE. The roads in the Gobi are non-existant and will push your stomach to its limits.
  7. The stargazing potential in the Gobi is life changing. There is next to no light pollution which means that we got an “HD” version of the night sky. You can see everything: the Milky Way, shooting stars, constellations, galore.
  8. Horses can be LAZY! Be sure to find a guide that is an expert in motivating the horses to keep moving.
  9. Come prepared for hot and cold weather. The Gobi can have mood swings.
  10. The sense of isolation in the Gobi is both restorative and scary. Being at the ger camps, you can look around in all directions and not see anything for miles. (Sometimes SB would have thoughts that involved “if I got hurt out here, how far away is the closest medical center? -Far -OK clumsy self, don’t get hurt”)



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  1. Claudia Germano

     /  September 29, 2015

    Please post videos (or photos) of Dr. Evans and Dr. Sheth having fun.

  2. I’d love to be there… Thanks for sharing


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