Week 2 Summary: Ethan

During Week 2, we flew to the Gobi desert and explored the amazing beauty and saw how the Mongolian people survive such a desolate climate. You have not seen stars until you go to the Gobi Desert and look at the night sky. Without any light pollution, the entire sky is speckled with bright, shining stars. You can even see the Milky Way! During the days, we saw incredible sights such as Vulture Canyon, the Great Mongolian Sand Dunes, the burning cliffs where many dinosaur fossils have been found, and met wonderful people along the way- Lived an upscale version of the Mongolian nomadic lifestyle- love the dirt roads!. Dr. Sheth was even brave enough to ride a camel with us, although I must admit he looked terrified for a good portion of the ride. Then we flew back to UB, and drove to Tyrelj  National Park where we took in the vastly different landscape, visited a Buddhist temple, and rode horses on the special Mongolian wooden saddles back to our ger camp. Then we had a day in UB to relax, explore the city, and prepare for our 36-hour journey back home. 

NO doubt this was a trip of a lifetime, and certainly changed many of my perspectives on this world. Can’t wait to go again!


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