Eric Sandler

Well- here I find myself at the Detroit airport on the way to Mongolia for trip number 4 (5 for the group). I have another great team this year- Dr. Kelly Komatz, Wolfson’s  amazing Palliative Care specialist, Dr. Mobeen Rathore, the UF Jacksonville Chief of Pediatric infectious Disease, Dr. Sumra Rathore, pathologist who will be teaching a course in hematopathology with my assistance and Vedad Begic, RN who is an expert in pretty much everything in pediatric nursing.

We had an unusual start- with Hurricane Hermine hitting Jacksonville just in time for our flight. No worries, we quickly drove down to Orlando and grabbed an uneventful flight to Detroit to meet our flight to Seoul and on to Ulaanbataar. Also just learned that Dr. Rita Browning, who along with Jonathan inspired this relationship between Wolfson and the Children’s Hospital in Mongolia, will be joining us as well.

We should be arriving in UB late Saturday night to begin our adventure. Looking forward to seeing all my Mongolian friends once again!

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