Mobeen Rathore

We were so excited to be traveling to Mongolia with a group of four other healthcare professionals (Eric, Kelly, Peter and Vedad). We already knew two of them (Kelly and Eric) and it was so nice to get to know Vedad and Peter.
Mobeen: My only connection with Mongolia was the wonderful Mongolian stamps in my stamp collection and the question I always asked my kids when I wanted to stump, “What is the capital of Mongolia?” Interestingly, when my son represented Bolles at the State High School Brain Brawl finals that was the tie breaker question and I could see my son’s face light up. Enough about that.
We were so looking forward to our trip not only to visit the local children’s hospital and learn from them but also to visit this exotic country. We landed in Ulan Bataar very late, and passage through the airport was very efficient and smooth and the hotel was nice. We were greeted by our wonderful guide Doogie.

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