Mobeen Rathore

First morning in Ulan Bataar Eric acted as our guide and we walk through the main square of Ulan Bataar. In the main square we were saw a couple of artists selling beautiful paintings on leather. Of course all of us contributed to the Mongolian economy by purchasing a few. We also witnessed a non-traditional Mongolian wedding. The bride and groom were gracious enough to allow us to take photographs with them. We then had lunch at a Mongolian restaurant and it was sumptuous.
What was to come was just awesome. The visit to Chengiis Khan’s famous monument was a great experience and we loved the lesson of history. We stayed the night at a national park in a souped up traditional Mongolia house called “kher”. The food was not Mongolian but was delicious and the company was exceptional. We visited a monastery and the vistas were just beyond words (see photograph). We also visited some interesting stone formations. Next morning we did horse riding and went for lunch at a restaurant in a mall and were surprised to find a natural history museum and real dinosaur skeletons. That afternoon we took our flight to Western Mongolia.

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