Kelly Komatz Day 3 at the hospital

Okay folks! Today was the day to top all days. For everyone who knows me personally and professionally – I get to sit on a carpet, barefooted and examine patients all day and explain as best as I can without taking away hope that their child will be disabled, might not walk, but only time will tell. I was so blessed to spend the day in a developmental center that is funded only through donations where children are able to be seen by a neurologist and physical therapists for one week. During that time, the child is able to receive intensive therapies and the parents are taught through hands-on experience how to continue the therapies at home once they leave. They receive their lunch there as well as the potential for donated equipment. The parents have traveled from every corner of Mongolia – carrying the medical records and x-rays. The questions from the mothers are no different from any other country – will my child be able to walk? Will they be able to attend to school? Is there a shot or medicine to help my child get better? Even though I don’t know the language, I recognized the body language and it is the same – slumped shoulders in mothers, long pauses while the information sets in, looks of disappointment. Again, those who know me understand that this work is hard, but I also feel it necessary to assist – even in translation to give hope to parents while also needing to be open and frank.
Thank you again to Johnathan Soud’s family for this opportunity. I promise you, my time spent here will not go to waste.
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