Vedad Begic Day 3 at the hospital

Presentations are done! I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful staff of PICU and NICU. The topics requested from NCMCH were  1) Nursing Care of Ventilated Patient and 2) Pain Management in PICU. The PICU audience were quite large, approx 20 nurses and 3 Intensivists all of which were very engaged. My lectures were well received, however I am now aware that the nurses in US are preforming much more complex tasks and care than nurses in Mongolia. I have received many requests for suggestions as how to properly manage central lines, prevent CVL infections, wound care, skin care, equipment management, etc. There is still a huge lack in resources as simple as IV pumps and adhesive remover (removing a tough dressing or piece of tape of a child’s chest a couple times a week can be very painful). There is also an enormous lack of continuous education among nurses so every moment spent educating is very important. I have also found out that nurses do not need a stethoscope as they do not assess lung or bowel sounds. I cant believe that tomorrow is out last day at the hospital as there is so much more education that the staff needs. I am scheduled to spend most of tomorrow at the Hem/Onc unit and and am looking forward to making as much of an impact as possible.


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  1. Claudia germano

     /  September 14, 2016

    you look so handsome (and tall)


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