Eric Sandler Last day in Hospital


Well, today we finished our work at NCMCH in Ulaanbaataar, Mongolia. What a week- we were really welcomed like old friends. Although there are still many opportunities for improvement ( infection control, palliative care, chemotherapy management), it is amazing how much improvement I see year to year. I have no doubt that children in Mongolia are getting better care then they were 5 years ago when this project started. The next part of our mission starts on October 22 when one of the Hem Onc docs from UB joins us for a 2 month observation visit to Jacksonville. I am so thankful to my colleagues from both this trip as well as the last 4, for donating their time, knowledge and effort to this project. And of course none of this would be possible without the ongoing support of Dr. Rita Browning, the inspiration for what we do, the Soud family, WCH and the entire Jacksonville community for their contributions and my wife Marcy and my family, who put up with my absences for this important work! Can’t wait to see next years team. They have even asked for a special team of nurses who can provide professional development for the nursing staff.

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