Vedad Begic

2016 trip to Mongolia has ended and I have returned home safely with so many new memories and some very important realizations. My travel companions are experts of their trades and their readiness for adventure and ability to focus on the positive perspective in some uncomfortable situations, has allowed for maximum exploration of the beautiful Mongolia and its people. Thank you Dr. Sandler for inviting me join your 2016 team, thank you Dr. Mobeen and Dr. Sumra for being so cheerful and ready to explore Mongolia to the fullest, Thank you Dr. Komatz and Peter for being supportive and always ready to proceed with out next adventure.

By joining this medical mission I have had the pleasure of witnessing just how powerful Jonathan Soud’s dream was. I have witnessed first hand how much positive influence and difference has been made to the NCMC all due to Jonathan’s interest in Mongolia. It just goes to show how much good one great person can make in the world.

The NCMC hospital still has many improvements to make in the time to come. Out team has identified many areas that need improvements and has already started working on a plan of action for the next year. Some of the issues are very simple and yet would greatly improve the recovery time of the patients as well as minimize complications and save resources. Educating the nursing staff is another major area that would benefit with further involvement of joint efforts. The hospital staff is eager to learn and has asked for education resource such as books on multiple occasions.

I hope that this relationship with NCMC will continue for many more years as there is so much work to be done. I feel fortunate for being able to join and to be able to contribute to the mission of improving the healthcare of Mongolia.

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