First day 2018

Well although we had some technical glitches and lost some team members along the way,  we made it to UB on Saturday night. When we arrived, Doogii was there to meet us as always. We spent Sunday seeing the city and had lunch with Dr. Ogi and her beautiful family. We then met up with Dr. Rita to catch up. Today spent our first day at the hospital. The H/O unit is busy as can be. They now see all the children with hematology/oncology issues for the entire country and have expanded to 3 floors of the new wing and 30 beds. A wide range of patients from Intermediate risk neuroblastoma, to M6 leukemia to Diamond Blackfan anemia, refractory to steroids,  and everything in between. Dr. Cheek was kept very busy reviewing slides on the patients we were seeing and working with the lab staff. Tomorrow it is consulting on outpatients, lectures and reviewing protocols. So good to be with many old friends.


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  1. Karen Wolfson

     /  May 24, 2018

    Thank you, Eric! I’m praying for the whole team & your time there. 😘


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