Dana at NCMCH

At the hospital in UB, over the last week we have gotten to meet some amazing staff, patients, and parents in the Hem/Onc unit. They have all been so welcoming and appreciative for the information we were able to share with them. I lectured on oral mouth care with the nurses. After the lecture we went around and gave each patient a toothpaste and toothbrush. They were all so happy for the small gifts. I also did a question and answer section with the nurses.  I was able to watch the nurses start IVs and give chemotherapy.  I was able to observe 2 patients getting their IT MTX while awake and not moving or crying during the procedure. They are so brave!  Later in the week one of those patients gave me a rose made of clay on a long Q-tip. It was so beautiful! On our last day I went around to each room and gave the patient and parents shells from Jacksonville Beach. I loved seeing their faces light up when I gave them the shells. The doctors are working so hard to make sure that they are providing the best care possible for their patients and reviewed patients with Dr. Sandler daily. The staff had treated us to lunch each day, and dinner on Thursday night. So on Friday we wanted to get lunch for them. Guess what they wanted for their lunch? Burger King! So Burger King it was.

Where do I begin to tell you about Dr. Rita? She is an angel here on earth. She is passionate about helping the Mongolian people, you can see here love for them in her daily actions. She has worked so hard this week to help assist us with the 40+ cardiology patients who came from the countryside to be seen this week.  She saw all of the kids and then wrote up all the patient information and sharing it with Dr. Bryant, who was unable to make the trip.  She was also able to set up a Cardiology video conference for the physicians here in UB with Dr. Bryant back in the USA.


Dana 1

Dana 2

Dana 3

Dana 4

Dana 5

Dana 7

Dana 6


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