Day 3 – 7/31/2019

Day #3 started with great weather for our walk to the hospital. We weren’t at the hospital very long, when Dr. Rita arrived. It was great to see her again. I gave a lecture to the nursing staff about Distraction and Comfort Hold. I reviewed all the supplies in the distraction kits that I brought for them to use with their patients. I also gave them the 2 vein finder lights that I had brought for them. They were so excited and amazed with the lights and how they worked. I also showed them some other supplies I brought and thought would be useful for them.

We went over to the lab and Dr. Sandler reviewed multiple smears on patients currently in the hospital. On the way to the lab they showed us the new helipad they have and are excited to be using sometime in the near future. We then went the Endocrine Department for lunch. It was another delicious meal.

We then headed back to the lab for Dr. Sandler to review some more slides. Then, back to the clinic to review the finding on the smears Dr. Sandler had reviewed with the clinic physicians.

We headed back to our hotel for a short time before heading out for what felt like the longest walk ever for dinner at BAEK HWA KOREA restaurant. The food was so tasty! We then started the long walk back to our hotel. The walk back didn’t seem that long… maybe it was the ice cream cone that I ate on the walk home. That is a wrap for today!


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