Eric’s update

Hard to believe that our week at the National Center for Maternal and Child Health in Ulaanbaatar is already ½ over. It has truly been a whirlwind. Seeing some of our previous recommendations implemented, and the wonderful care children with cancer are receiving is so rewarding. Of course, it remains a work in progress and there is a long way to go. One of the most exciting developments is that the National Cancer Center has new RT equipment and they are now much more open to treating the children. This has been such a big hurdle in the past as RT is essential to so many of our treatments. When we met with the oncology team and with Dr. Enkhtur, the Hospital Director there is a plan for development of a pediatric tumor board very soon. This will bring together various specialties involved in the care of our patients to discuss treatment planning together. We sometimes take for granted these kind of multi-disciplinary conferences and their importance, but finding the right time, day and location to get together specialist spread all over the city is indeed a daunting task.

It has been wonderful to have Dana and Larry here working with us. Dana gave an awesome lecture this morning on supportive care to the nurses and they just had question after question. Larry has been quite busy seeing children with a variety of endocrine disorders and giving lectures to the residents and endocrine team.

I was also very surprised yesterday to be awarded an honorary professorship at NCMHC. I know that this is a tribute to not only my work but to that of the many other colleagues who have joined our educational teams, to Wolfson Children’s Hospital and Nemours Children’s Specialty Care for their ongoing support of Jonathan’s mission and to our many supporters in the Jacksonville community.


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  1. Steve Soud

     /  July 31, 2019

    Eric, what a wonderful honor!!! To think that we have come so far: in 2012, you were told “No one comes back to Mongolia.” Today you are an honorary faculty member. This is fantastic! Jonathan’s spirit lives on!

  2. Karen Wolfson

     /  August 1, 2019

    Thanks so much for sharing about your trip & the work! I love the updates and the care you are providing!!


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