Touring the Mongolian Countryside, Part 2

August 4-7, 2019

We flew to Murun and drove to Double Lake by Toilogt camp, a fairly new camp at Lake Khuvsgul. The drive was, uh, interesting… much of it was on what I would call pretend roads, often on the floor of a dried up river.  To say it was bumpy is quite an understatement. Dramamine is a must for anyone who gets carsick. On the way to the camp we stopped and visited reindeer brought in from the mountains for just that – visitors paying to see the reindeer.  They also had a market for homemade crafts, jewelry, etc. 

We spent three nights at Double Lake, and I must say it is a beautiful place with superb views of the lake and mountains. They have gers to stay in, but we were in what would be best described as hotel rooms, each with a nice balcony that overlooks Lake Khuvsgul.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinners were provided in the lodge, and all the meals were very good. Meat, meat, and more meat – Mongolians like their meat! 

Monday morning, Eric, Dana and I took a boat ride with our tour guide across the lake and met another reindeer family. The woman, her brother, and her four year old daughter make the trek from the mountains every summer, bringing 7 of their ~20 reindeer with them. 

Horseback riding made up most of Tuesday.  We started in the AM and rode for about an hour, then went out again in the afternoon for ~3 hours, including a trip up the mountain on horseback for spectacular views.  Tuesday night ended with a huge bonfire. 

Wednesday started with breakfast, our last meal at Double Lake, then made the drive to Murun to fly back to Ulaanbaatar.  More riding along the pretend roads, but a different route made it bumpy for a shorter duration.

We had some time to shop in Ulaanbaatar Wednesday and will be starting our trip home Thursday through Beijing (with a side trip to the Great Wall).  It has been a long time away from home (away from the 904), but I have seen a country and culture that is truly amazing. The people are extremely friendly, the landscape is beautiful, and there is much to learn from the Mongolian people.

I look forward to returning next year.  


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  1. Karen Wolfson

     /  August 8, 2019

    Thank you for sharing the photos and your comments. How spectacular!!
    Thank you for your work helping children!!


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