The Children’s Place Orphanage

We are honored and excited to get to help out at The Children’s Place while we are in Mongolia!

Via The Children’s Place’s website:

The Children’s Place orphanage serves abandoned and orphaned children of Mongolia by meeting their spiritual, emotional, developmental and educational needs. We believe the Lord has entrusted these children into our care until He releases them into their adoptive homes.

Promote Adoption
Monthly visits to community programs to promote adoption
Ongoing positive relationships with International adoption officials

Childhood Development
Daily assessment of children’s emotional, educational and physical development by staff
Review at staff meetings of all children’s development
Appropriately prepare our children to be adopted into their new family

Staff Development
Quarterly staff seminars that enhance the staff’s growth professionally and personally
Expansion of Services
Develop plan for expansion of services to Mongolian children

In the fall of 2002 Mongolian Asia Reach, Inc. purchased a one story car garage in the Byanzurkh District of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia.  The car garage building was renovated and a second floor was added. Officially, The Children’s Place orphanage opened its doors in February 2003 with the acceptance of our first abandoned child. Since that time we have cared for more than 100+ abandoned children.  Our vision is that every child that comes to us will be adopted into a loving home.  Many of our children have been adopted either nationally or internationally.  Also, many of our children have been returned to relatives. It has been a blessing to all of us to care for these children until they are placed in their permanent homes.

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