Motivations for Mongolia

Hey all!

I’m Sarah Brooks and I’m a Registered Nurse with the Hematology/Oncology Unit (4 Weaver) at Wolfson Children’s Hospital. I graduated from University of North Florida with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2013 and was fortunate enough to land this amazing job as a brand new nurse. 4 Weaver has been a magical place to grow and develop my nursing practice. The interdisciplinary team work that we share is unlike anything else. The patients and their families have taught me how strong and courageous even the tiniest humans can be.

While I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Jonathan I have heard so much about his legacy. He has been described to me as inquisitive and compassionate. His interests in geography and other cultures remind me of myself as a kid. My dad and I would often spin a globe around before bed and I’d stop it mid spin with my finger to land on a region. My dad would then tell me some things about that region’s cultures and landscapes as we developed silly nicknames based on the shape of the country.

I learned about Mongolia Bound last summer and I immediately knew I wanted to join in! What this trip means for me is that I’ll have a chance to immerse myself in something completely foreign and learn how to find comfort and connections.  I’m looking forward to finding ways of communicating with the medical teams the children through the language barrier. From previous teams I have heard that resources are limited and standards of practice are very different than what we’re used to in America. I’m hoping that I can help improve some of the nursing practices with creativity while being sensitive to their unique cultural standards and norms.

I am so excited and honored to contribute to the amazing team that is Mongolia Bound and continue the culture of friendship between Wolfson and the Mother & Child Hospital. I recognize that this is an amazing privilege and I have the utmost gratitude for Jonathan and his family for making this dream a reality.

-Sarah Brooks


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